27.5 Racket packages for web devel

Is Racket ready for the web? Here are several Racket packages that may be useful as you hack the web with a Lisp from the future. The list is surely incomplete; omissions should be attributed to ignorance, not malice. If you know of a package that should be added, please let me know.

Acknowledgments Thanks to Greg Hendershott for suggesting a few of these entries.

Generating XML, HTML and CSS

  • xml XML à la Lisp. Defines X-expressions AKA xexprs
  • txexpr Convenience functions for X-expressions
  • css-expr CSS, the Lisp way (S-expressions)
  • html-parsing Parse HTML
  • html-writing Serialize HTML
  • sxml XML in the form of S-expressions

Databases and kin




(Unfortunately, whalesong is dead.)

System and infrastructure

Cryptography and random numbers