Coming soon: Summer Racketfest 2019!

I’m happy to announce that there will be another edition of Racketfest!

Racketfest is a new conference that I’m organizing devoted to Racket and its take on language-oriented programming. I organize it because I have found, in discussions with my fellow Racket fans, that it’s not always possible for them to go to the official Racket conference—RacketCon—but they are definitely interested in something closer to home in Europe. I can entirely sympathize with this. I myself have wanted to go to RacketCon many times, but have grimaced at the price of the flight and hotel, or otherwise couldn’t make it because the timing worked out.

Racketfest changes that. I decided to take matters into my own hands and just organize something. No more sitting around wishing there were some way to get together with my Racket friends. So I went ahead and just did it.

The first edition was held back in March, 2019. (You can read more about it here.)

Matthew Flatt will be giving the opening keynote. In addition, we’ve got some great speakers lined up:

New this time around is Office Hours, where you can visit any of the speakers and ask all those questions that you wanted to ask, but couldn’t, because they would be too long or would be inappropriate in a group Q&A setting. As with the first (winter?) Racketfest, we’ll have an Open Microphone, where you can offer a brief talk or tell us what you want to see happen in the Racket world. (I found the Open Mic to be a great chance to sound off about topics that aren’t really full talks, but which are still of wide interest and ought to be said.)

Come join us if you can. The Racketfest web page, with complete information, is here. Get your ticket here.