RacketCon Sale

I’ll be presenting at this year’s RacketCon, the annual Racket jamboree. My presentation will be a bit philosophical. I won’t be presenting any particular system that I’ve made. Instead, I’ll be inviting us to think about Racket’s language-oriented programming philosophy and the different guises that it takes in the hands of Racket programmers all around the world.

RacketCon will span two days. The first day, Saturday, will be normal talks (15 of them!). Sunday will be organized into workshops. I’ll be leading the workshop on web devel in Racket. It’s an honor to be invited to participate in the Racket community in this way.

In celebration, I’m offering a limited-time sale of all my Racket books and courses:

can all be had for 50% off. Just follow the links to go to the purchase page. Use the discount code racketcon2018.

NB Racket Weekend is a course that has three variants, depending on how deep you’d like to go; there’s a drop-down menu where you can choose the variant you want. Since Racket Web Kickstarter is a bundle that includes Racket Weekend, there’s an analogous drop-down menu.

This offer expires Monday, October 1, 2018 AOE (Anywhere on Earth).