Racket Weekend is now live

I’m happy to announce that Racket Weekend, my short course on getting started with the Racket programming language, is now live.

I made Racket Weekend for the Racket curious: working programmers who are interested in getting started with a brilliant Lisp from the future. Racket is big, and can be intimidating. Racket Weekend offers a curated selection of highlights, enough to get you started.

The course is available in three variations, depending on how you’d like to learn:

Couch Edition
A 100-page PDF ebook and code samples for most lessons,
Library Edition
The ebook together with a workbook containing just under 50 exercises to help you dig in deeper and make the language your own, and
Classroom Edition
The ebook, the exercises, and screencasts where I go through the exercises and give you some insight into my own Racket workflow.

To learn more, visit the Racket Weekend homepage.