Introducing the Racket Web Kickstarter

I’m happy to announce that my introductory short course, Racket Weekend, for Racket newcomers can now be purchased together with my more advanced, more technical ebook Server: Racket.

I made Server: Racket for those who already know Racket but would like to know more about its built-in HTTP server. The reader I have in mind is someone who would like to write their next web site or HTTP API in Racket.

Racket Weekend, on the other hand, is for Racket newcomers. It’s for working programmers who want to get into Racket. Maybe they want to do web programming, maybe not. There’s one lesson in Racket Weekend devoted to the topic (indeed, it’s an edited version of chapter 1 of Server: Racket); the other 10 are about other basic aspects of Racket that you’re likely to need in your everyday Racket flow.

The Racket Web Kickstarter bundles the two together. Server: Racket is a straightforward technical ebook. Racket Weekend, on the other hand, is a course with three different options:

Couch Edition
An ebook with 11 lessons on bread & butter Racket.
Library Edition
The ebook plus a workbook with 45 exercises intended to push you a bit and make the material your own.
Classroom Edition
The ebook, the workbook, and more than 2 hours of screencasts where I work through nearly all the problems in the workbook.

The result is a course that allows you to dive in to Racket as deeply as you like before heading toward the web.

To get your copy, visit: