Coming soon: New course on web development in Racket

I'm working on a new course on web programming in Racket. I call it 27 Short Lessons on Web Programming in Racket. (The name is a play on one of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons.)

The course is a gentle introduction to web development in Racket for newcomers. It's designed to cover the basics, and strives for mastery of the fundamental ideas & techniques of web development, not just the form those ideas take in Racket. Since it focuses on the basics, it's not "full-stack", unlike my Server: Racket, which was written for those who have considerable experience in both web development and Racket and who are looking to transfer their knowledge to the Racket world.

The book will also optionally come with worksheets, and an instructor's manual containing solutions to the exercises, additional project ideas. My aim is mastery: being able to get to a place where you know the ins & outs of basic Racket web development by heart. I focus on fundamentals, so you'll gain something even if you don't end up working in Racket all the time. I envision that 27 Short Lessons could be used not only for your private study, but also as a basis for a course, whether that's in an educational or commercial setting. I'm also offering the possibility of coming to your or your team and working through the course one-on-one, which is the best way to tailore the material to your needs.

I'm working on the course now; launch date is March 1, 2019. If you'd like to get your copy in advance, the course is available for presell.