Coming soon: Racket Weekend

I'm pleased to announce that I'm working on a new Racket project. I call it Racket Weekend. It's a short course where you can pick up some Racket essentials. I'm writing it for the working programmer who is curious about Racket who's looking for a glimpse of the language. My goal is to offer a short, 2-day introduction to Racket. The course will be sent by email. In addition, the email course will be complemented by material in other formats:

  • An ebook version of the course, containing the whole course in a single PDF,
  • Worksheets, containing exercises that ask you to apply what you've learned in the course, and
  • Videos, where I solve the exercises and show you my Racket workflow.

The course is under preparation; I intend to launch it on June 14. For more information, visit the course's homepage.