New ebook coming on web development in Racket

Make your next web site with a Lisp from the future

Want to build your next web site in Racket?

You’re not alone.

I love making web sites, especially with great tools, such as Racket. This site runs on Racket (naturally).

If you’re like me, you found the basic Racket web material exciting, but wanting. The Racket documentation is pretty great. The Racket web server is great. But there’s a gap between the examples contained in the official documentation and making a web site backed by a database, that deals with sessions, is well-logged, and so on.

I’m working on an ebook, to be entitled Server: Racket, devoted to the basics (and not-so-basics) of building real-world web sites in Racket. It will be organized around a number of tutorials covering essential parts of making modern web sites. If that sounds useful to you, check out the site for the book. Sign up to the newsletter on that page (or here on this page) if you’d like to stay up-to-date as I work on the book and to receive a discount when the book launches.